Cost of Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

Roof Damage Happens

When damage has been done to your roof, you are faced with a tough decision. That decision is whether or not you should simply have your roof repaired or if you should have it replaced. In many cases the extent of the damage may help make this decision for you and in other cases cost will dictate your decision. Most of the time cost rules a person’s decision because they’re working with a tight budget.

So what is the difference in cost between roof repair and roof replacement? Obviously replacing an entire roof may be more costly than repairing because replacement involves replacing the entire roof…Or could it be the other way around?There are different techniques that may be used to fix your roof.

Repair Approach

For instance:
A “tear-off” may be more costly than re-roofing your home. The fact is that this task involves removing the old shingles and the underlayment from your roof. The roofer may also provide haul away and disposal services of the old roofing materials. The reason why a tear-off costs more is because the roof deck can be inspected thoroughly and the rotten parts replaced; those high risk areas such as eaves, outside rakes, valleys, and inside rakes can also be inspected and rebuilt from scratch if they need to be; and you receive brand new underlayment and a variety of other fixes to your roof that can make your roof last longer than ever.

A “re-roof means that new shingles are applied over the old shingles. Most building codes will allow a re-roof if there is only one existing layer, but will not allow for a third layer because of the weight. Re-roofing means that the decks and valleys cannot be seen, no new underlayment is applied, more moisture may be held by a 2 layer roof, and any damage done to the existing shingles can bleed through to the new shingles over time.


Although some roofing contractors will suggest that a tear-off be done rather than a re-roof, there is concern that you do what you can afford. Some individuals are suspicious when a roofer suggests a tear-off because of the higher cost, but a tear-off is better for the overall well-being of your roof and of your home. According to Jody Kriss ( )It is important to note that a tear-off is recognized and approved by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and by manufacturers.


Nevertheless, what you do is up to you. You can review the costs with your roofing contractor and see what your options are. For some homes, a re-roof may be a valid option. Ranch style homes tend to be the best candidates for re-roofing because the valleys are small or they don’t exist at all. A re-roof can be risky for those homes with multiple or long valley assemblies.

As for the actual cost, the cost will depend on the roofing contractor you use, the size of your roof, and the extent of the job. And although using a licensed contractor will cost you more, you will receive a much higher quality of work that will last for years to come.


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